Overnight go short IOC/valuerupee/SunilBehki

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Oil companies’ stocks have, in fact (as no one might have predicted), already spurted substantially.

time to sell

Time has come to short at this level…!!!

Technical indicators – at the moment – all continue to point fully exhaust & tired.
Now trading at 434.

We recommend shorting this keeping stoploss of Rs.444.
On the lower side stock will again slide to Rs.415, Rs.404 mark.

Overnight go short AUROBINDO PHARMA/valuerupee/SunilBehki

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Now trading at 749 [ JUNE FUT]

We recommend a sell in the stock of Aurobindo Pharma from a overnight perspective.

The daily RSI is featuring in the bearish zone and the weekly RSI has entered the bearish zone.

Our overnight outlook on the stock is bearish.

We anticipate its downtrend to continue and reach our price target of Rs.724 or Rs705 in the forthcoming trading sessions.

Traders with a STBT perspective can also consider selling the stock with stop-loss at Rs.765.

3 Oil Refinery stocks you should sell for day trading and even can remain short overnight/valuerupee/SunilBehki

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3 Oil Refinery stocks you should sell for day trading and even can remain short overnight

 We recommend staying away from oil stocks for now.

A breakdown of crucial support levels would likely trigger another leg down in oil stocks.

 This could give us an opportunity to buy class oil companies at the best prices but today it is a Red hot sell.

 Oil stocks are still “expensive”. We’ll likely see much better buying opportunities for bulls at lower levels…..Till then sell and enjoy free fall.

 sell it now


 Now at 899

 Sell keeping stop loss of Rs.913 for an lower target of Rs.883, Rs.875.


 Now at 399

 We recommend selling keeping stoploss of Rs.407 for an lower target of Rs.392, Rs387.


 Now trading at 817

 Sell keeping stop loss of Rs.829 for an lower target of Rs.802, Rs.788 in futures…!!!!

Overnight go short SUN PHARMA/valuerupee/SunilBehki

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Today intraday fall in a overall good market has strengthened the downtrend; the stock has breached its key support. Fresh Resumption of the downtrend has started now…!!!

The indicator on daily charts is displaying negative divergence, indicating sharp slide in this counter tomorrow..!!!!

We recommend shorting this stock keeping stop loss of Rs.802.

Sharp sell off on the lower side could take this counter to Rs.767, break will take this to Rs.759 mark..!!!!

It’s a RED HOT SELL for STBT traders…!!!!

Overnight STBT go short JUBILIANT FOOD/valuerupee/SunilBehki

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Now trading at 1124

The immediate outlook for the stock is highly bearish.

 Today the fall has taken the stock well below a critical support region & now on Monday we could see heavy sell off by leading players…!!!!

 BTST traders can go short at CMP and enjoy sharp fall on Monday..!!!

 Strong possibility of seeing a sharp fall upto Rs.1089, Rs.1075 not ruled out on Monday..!!!

 The outlook for this stock will turn bullish only if it breaks decisively above Rs.1149.

 SELL SELL SELL is our call at this point of time…!!!!

Vishal Sikka got Rs 48.73 cr salary during FY16

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Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka received a total salary of R48.73 crore for the fiscal 2015-16, according to the discloures made in the the company’s annual report, and this compensation level is set to increase by 50% for the current financial year as per the renewed agreement announced in February this year.

The total compensation paid to Vishal Sikka includes a basic salary of R5.96 crore, retiral benefits of R0.33 crore and bonus & incentive component includes R6.29 crore. During FY17, Sikka will receive a total compensation of $11 million (R73.7 crore approximately), which will be effective from January 2017. This includes annual base pay of $1 million (R6.7 crore) and variable pay of $3 million (R20.1 croe) with a significant component being the stock option of $7 million (R46.9 crore). In comparison the earlier compensation structure was $7.08 million for FY16. The board of Infosys has already extended the term of Sikka till 2021 in recognition for restoring the company’s leadership in the industry and setting the goals for the next five years which are likely to be achieved. Sikka was formally appointed as CEO for a period from August 1, 2014 to June 13, 2018. Now the new agreement will be with effect from April 1, 2016 until March 31, 2021.

Sikka has laid out an ambitious goal for Infosys by 2020 to achieve a revenue of $20 billion with an operating profit margin of 30% and an average revenue per employee of $80,000.

The next in command to Sikka, chief operating officer U B Pravin Rao received a total compensation package of R9.28 crore as against R6.08 crore in FY15.

Buy LARSEN overnight, Smart buying at lower levels now ruled out/valuerupee/Sunilbehki

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 Now trading at 1281

This stock seems to be sound but overall turbulence have impacted the stock today, I think situation will improve tomorrow, recovery will be noticed as well and this stock will witness immediate smart buying at lower levels…!!!

Traders that have missed out on the earlier opportunities should use this correction to get in. It remains a ‘buy on decline’ market.  A sell-off is an opportunity to buy some of the best stocks & for tomorrow trading this seems to be a safe bet. We recommend buying at current levels keeping stop loss of Rs.1262. On the upper side Stock will zoom to Rs.1304, Rs.1320 in futures…..!!!! Best stock for BTST traders……Grab it now and watch smart buying tomorrow…!!!!

Overnight buy IBULLSHSGFINvaluerupee/Sunilbehki

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Grab IBULLSHSGFIN at CMP, We see huge spurt in this counter tomorrow…!!!

The overnight BTST outlook for the stock of Ibulls hsg Fin is bullish.

We recommend overnight ‘BUY’ in this particular scrip with a target price of Rs.740, Rs.749 tomorrow.

Significant support is between Rs.715 and Rs.709 which can limit the downside for the stock.

A very safe and explosive stock for BTST traders …!!!


BUY CESC For day trading/valuerupee/SunilBehki

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Technically stock has given breakout on charts.

Buy and stay invested keeping stop loss of Rs.540 for an upper target of Rs.564, Cross over will take this to Rs.573.

Those having patience will see the price of Rs.588 in coming few trading…!!!

Expect High Price for Online Products with GST Bill Implementation

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The ecommerce industry in India is likely to urge government to lower the taxes in order to let customers pay less for products. The industry found it necessary to step forward with the demand in the view if the ‘GST (Goods and Services Tax) Bill’ gets passed. Additionally, the industry has asked to revise state-level entry taxes which interrupt in their procedures; source Businessinsider.in.

The consultancy firm, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and Industry body Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) together published a report with 15 proposals for online marketplaces. “The overall GST rate should be lower, especially since currently services are taxed at 14.5%, and any increase beyond 18% could make services extremely expensive for the end customer,” as suggested by the report.

The e-commerce industry is also agonized by value-added tax (VAT) which is imposed by states. According to them, customers will end up shelling out additional money with the cloud of VAT and increased service tax hovering over customers. The joint report also asks the government to clear the provision clearly indicating which transactions are liable to pay GST in e-commerce. “In a marketplace model, it should be clarified that the ecommerce company is liable to pay tax on the amount charged by the company from the vendors for providing various services,” says the report.

“The concept of ‘one-tax, one-market’ on which the GST is based, should be a welcome step for online marketplaces. To create clarity in terms of the tax treatment of online marketplace sector transactions, sector-specific provisions need to be introduced in the GST regime,” Sandeep Ladda, Partner and Leader, Technology & Ecommerce, PwC India.

There is still dilemma if the latest bill is imposable in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. But for the time being, the state is exempted from the tax. The report also suggests that e-commerce companies should be made to pay taxes on the service fees they earn.